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St Thomas Comedy Hypnotist Cory Osborn
St Thomas Comedy Hypnotist Cory Osborn

St Thomas Comedy Hypnotist, Cory Osborn, and his show: The Osborn Experience has been making waves in comedy stage hypnosis over the past few years by breaking the mold of 'a man and a microphone' with a completely produced comedy hypnosis experience!

Stun your guests with a full light show and music production, where all of your friends are the stars of the show!  The Osborn Experience is a funny and high energy comedy show where members of your audience volunteer to come on stage and get hypnotized for the enjoyment of the rest of the audience.  Material in the show is always appropriate for your audience, and there is more than enough material to do shows back to back or year over year without repeating the same show twice. 

Performing for a wide variety of groups, St Thomas Comedy Hypnotist Cory Osborn is a perfect fit for casinos, comedy clubs, high schools (prom, post graduation, dry graduation, assemblies, fundraisers), college campus (Greek, philanthropy, welcome week, motivational, housing), fairs, festivals, expos, cruise ships, resort entertainment, corporate holiday parties, corporate banquets, corporate motivational and sales retreats, and much more!

Be a hero with your group and book St Thomas Comedy Hypnotist Cory Osborn and his show, The Osborn Experience for your next event requiring unique entertainment.  Easy to work with, all you have to do is provide some chairs and show us where to setup - we take care of the rest with our professional audio system and theatrical lighting rig - making even the least friendly spaces a perfect place to host St Thomas Comedy Hypnotist Cory Osborn.

About The Osborn Experience

More than just a man and a microphone, The Osborn Experience is a traveling comedy hypnosis stage show that delivers a hilarious, tightly produced experience for your guests and attendees!  Traveling with a professional audio sound system and rock concert style light show, The Osborn Experience has been wowing audiences since 2012 with tons of laughs, motivational messaging, and demonstrations that show just how powerful our own minds truly are when you know how to unlock the potential.

With headquarters located in Lisbon, Iowa, The Osborn Experience is located right in the middle of the country, allowing easy access to all clients from coast to coast.  Performing full time, The Osborn Experience has satisfied clients and audiences from high schools and colleges to corporate clients and even on stage in Las Vegas!

Entertaining audiences ranging in size from 10 to 10,000, The Osborn Experience is one of the highest re-booked acts in stage hypnosis today!   Call (319) 531-1002 today and let our friendly office staff assist you with booking your next event, or ask for a free quote online today!

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