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The Easy and Profitable Way to Raise Funds

School and College FundraisingFundraising programs are in higher demand than ever before. With school and college funding being cut by state and local communities, enrollments rising, and more programs than ever, it’s getting harder and harder to fully fund all the groups at your school that need money.

But fundraising programs are getting a little out of control, aren’t they? It used to be chocolates and fruit. Now, everything is fair game. Frozen foods, magazines, wallpaper, home decor, sausage and cheese, popcorn…the list goes on and on and on! I even saw a fundraiser the other day for my local school selling mattresses! Who buys a mattress from a school?

I want you to sit back for a moment and imagine a fundraising program that’s simple. One that’s fun. One where everybody gets to participate. Best of all, there’s no inventory to manage! You don’t have to coordinate pickups and deliveries with parents, find space in your facility to house inventory, or guarantee a minimum sale to receive any money.

When we work with an organization to raise funds, we want your event to be as easy and stress-free as possible. That’s why we provide nearly everything.

What You Get With Our Program

  • Printed tickets to sell, if necessary
  • Printed posters to hang around your event and community
  • Press release templates to send to your local media
  • A complete light and sound experience, included for free
  • A production engineer from our staff to run the show
  • Complete set up and teardown services provided by us
  • A hilarious comedy hypnosis show appropriate for the whole community!
  • Support services any time you need them. Just give us a call!
  • Additional ways to raise funds (in addition to the show) for your group!

We have multiple different ways for you to host our show for your fundraiser. Want more information? Put your email address in below and we’ll send you The Osborn Experience Complete Fundraising Guide so that you can pick the best event for you!


Our Complete Fundraising Report

In this fundraising report, you’ll get the complete guide to raising funds for your group, including:

  • What groups can host fundraisers using this program?
  • How much money can we make?
  • Are there ways to drive attendance to the show?
  • What types of programs do you offer?
  • What does it take to host a hypnotic fundraiser program?
  • What’s included?
  • Even more!

Just enter your email address below and you’ll get the full report mailed right to you!

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