Corporate Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Let The Osborn Experience provide hilarious entertainment at your next corporate function! Whether it's a holiday party, professional conference, awards banquet, end-of-year meeting, or any other corporate event, we can provide a show that's professional, tastefully done, and always appropriate for your event. See why companies hire The Osborn Experience again and again to provide hypnosis entertainment for their events!

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Let me ask you a question. Is money a great motivator of people? Are those 'lucky' employees who always seem to be at the top of the performance chart or getting the biggest bonus just naturally lucky, or are they really programming their own minds for success? What motivates employees to go above and beyond? The answers may surprise you!

Hypnotist Cory Osborn will take your corporate gathering to the next level by showing your attendees what they can do with the power of their own subconscious minds! Cory's corporate keynotes can be customized for your group or event to incorporate your theme, corporate goals, or new initiatives.

Our presentations are like no others out there! We incorporate a motivational message for success, and then demonstrate what your own mind is capable of!

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Did you know that many health plans are now reimbursing for alternative wellness programs? It's true! It costs less for preventative medicine than it does to treat an ailment, and so your company may be eligible.

Hypnotist Cory Osborn can present corporate programs on smoking cessation, weight management, and stress relief in a group setting right at your corporate office! Workbooks and hypnotic reinforcement recordings are included with all the programs, so you can feel safe that your employees are getting exactly the program you want without any hidden costs!

Employees may even receive individual hypnosis sessions at a discounted rate when your company books a health seminar with us!

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From the booking process to the show itself, we strive to be easy to work with! We'll communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that your show goes off without a hitch and you're the talk of the office for months!
Our show will be the talk of the office afterwards! Our side-splitting hypnosis show will have your guests laughing the whole time as their friends and colleagues become the stars of the show. See the show or be the show!
We include our professional, theater-grade light production with every performance! We want your audience to feel like they're really a part of the show, whether they're in the audience or on stage!
We want to have a great time, but we don't want to embarrass and demean anybody. We'll get a little ridiculous and silly, because that's part of the fun, but we always ensure our show is tasteful and appropriate for your audience.
Our show comes complete with lights and our professional sound system, as well as a sound technician to run it! You don't have to worry about rentals or staff to run our show. We'll even provide our own stage assistants if your show requires it!
We've worked with clients such as American Senior Benefits, Hardee's, McGladrey, Hy-Vee Food Stores, Big River Energy, just to name a few! We have a lot of experience with corporate groups just like yours!


Unique, Engaging, and most of all, Fun!

When you're booking a corporate keynote speaker, you're looking for some specific things. You want a speaker that has an engaging message. The presentation should have a message that's relevant to your group. The performer should be flexible in making sure his or her presentation meets the goals of your gathering. And, above all, it should be fun!

When you book Hypnotist Cory Osborn and The Osborn Experience to provide your corporate keynote or seminar, you're getting a unique take on what it takes to motivate. Everybody nowadays is concentrating on external factors...what tool you can buy to make your employees more productive, what social media strategy will get the most sales, or what it takes to keep employees focused and moving ahead. It's confusing looking around for answers to these questions, because everywhere you look offers a different solution.

What if, instead of seeking out the latest tool or software you could show your employees what they can accomplish using just the incredible power of their own minds? Our engaging keynotes cover 3 main areas - goal setting, focus, and motivation - and include an informative and funny demonstration! What a better way to engage your group than to make them a part of the keynote themselves?

During the presentation, Cory will demonstrate exactly what it means to be focused and motivated, and how the power of your own mind makes it all possible!

It's engaging, funny, relevant, and guaranteed to hold your guests' interest to the end!

Contact us today to find out how our seminar and keynote presentations fit into your next corporate sales meeting, awards banquet, kick-off dinner, or other company event!



Employee wellness is high on the priority list for most companies these days. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act and more and more healthcare providers' focus on preventative care, now is the perfect time to bring in Hypnotist Cory Osborn to provide one or more wellness seminars for your employees.

The good news is that a lot of health plans are now covering alternative wellness options under their health plans because it's cheaper to prevent a medical issue than it is to treat it. Call your company insurance might be surprised to learn that you can get reimbursed for part or all of the cost of our seminars by your insurance provider!

Our health and wellness hypnosis seminars can be held in most venues at your company, from a small conference room to a large cafe or meeting area. Each program includes a workbook or guidebook and self-hypnosis reinforcement recordings are included as well.

Check out our seminars below to see how our health and wellness seminars fit into your company's wellness program!

Stop Smoking Forever
Without Gaining Weight

Our innovative smoking cessation seminar is great for groups large and small! Our hybrid smoking cessation hypnosis seminar includes both a short classroom component and a hypnosis component to ensure that the program is successful.

We'll start out with a self evaluation to ensure that attendees are aware of the triggers of their habit as well as any underlying linkages. We'll discuss the hypnosis process, and then the attendees will experience a thorough, relaxing hypnosis session where we'll address the triggers and linkages that lead to smoking, as well as dealing with cravings that not only cause you to want to smoke, but to eat as well. In this way, not only do we deal with the smoking habit, but also with weight gain as well.

All attendees will receive a workbook, as well as 2 reinforcement recordings - one hypnotic session to reinforce the seminar, and a subliminal messaging CD that can be used at the desk, in the car, or at home to drive home the message even further.

Get more information by contacting us now!

Ultimate Weight Management

Did you know that science shows that your body is programmed to maintain a specific weight? That even if you lose weight, even if you follow a healthy eating plan, you're more than likely going to gain it back? Check it out here! This is a great article that shows what you're up against. 

This is why using hypnosis is so effective. Your subconscious mind has decided your appropriate weight. During the Ultimate Weight Management weight loss seminar, we'll reprogram your subconscious mind so that it's instructed that you have a new, healthier weight. Your subconscious controls your hungers, your cravings, your appetite, and your overall weight, so there's no better way than hypnosis to reprogram bad behaviors and reinforce good ones!

Our weight loss seminar includes a workbook and 2 reinforcement recordings - one hypnosis CD to reinforce the session, and a subliminal messaging CD that can be played at your desk, in the car, or from your phone!

Contact us about our weight management seminar today!

On Demand Stress Relief

The demands of a modern workplace often put great deals of stress on employees. Whether they're dealing under a tight deadline, juggling multiple projects, or just in need of a little decompression, our stress relief program can help your employees de-stress and become happier and more productive.

We'll start by entering a relaxed, focused state of hypnosis where the seminar attendees can simply destress and unwind. They'll be guided through a wonderful stress relief exercise, and then given an anchor to ensure that they can use this stress relief state whenever they want. Our stress relief program includes a module on teaching your attendees self-hypnosis so that they can relax, unwind, and destress whenever they want!

Included in this program is a guidebook and a self-hypnosis recording to reinforce the hypnotic session. 

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